Oranges and Lemons

'Oranges and Lemons' by Amanda Jane Textiles

‘Oranges and Lemons’ by Amanda Jane Textiles

It is always nice to create a quilt for a particular person. The quilt above, completed this week, was made for a baby called Ruby. Ruby’s mum sent me a photo of a garment which gave me the ‘colour story’ for the quilt and off I went. The quilt has 40 blocks, each with quite a complex pattern as seen in the photo below. Fortunately there are clever ways of putting the block together.


I’d like to share the design (the colours make it equally suitable for a boy or a girl, so it’s a good one to make ahead of time).  I have written a pattern for this quilt which is available on the ‘Sew and Quilt Patterns’ section of this website (click here) and also in my Etsy shop (click here).

Like all my patterns, there is a ‘how-to’ photograph next to each step and you are guided a little at a time through every stage. The pattern has both inches and centimetre measurements. It is designed to be easy to follow: you are not expected to be a quilting expert before you start!

I have also been preparing publicity for my next ‘Craft Saturday’ workshop. Here’s the photo:

Workshop from Amanda Jane Textiles: Make a Christmas stocking

The workshop is called ‘Multi-skills Christmas stocking’. Everyone participating will learn about fabric, using a pattern, cutting out, using a sewing machine, applique, embroidery and other skills to make a personalised Christmas stocking. For information on how to book, click here.

And remaining with the red theme, here’s the artwork for my latest fabric design:

The Leaves of the Tree

The challenge was to design a ‘post-apocalyptic toile'(!), so to see the explanation and to view the design in repeat, you will have to click here (the design will appear in my on-line studio from Thursday 22nd October).

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