A Calendar Tea-towel Design

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Christmas cooking was challenging and fun as half the gathered company was vegetarian and the other half meat-eating. All went well with two separate main dishes with the same vegetables and roast potatoes for everyone plus vegetarian gravy (well done, Bisto!). The only slight hitch in the proceedings was the discovery many hours after our lunch of a tray full of roast parsnips in the baking oven of the Aga, reduced to completely carbonised black wedges! And they are absolutely my favourite seasonal vegetable.  The only disadvantage of the Aga is that no cooking smells are released into the room. Well, it’s an advantage really, but on this occasion it led to my oversight remaining un-noticed, sadly.

Some people name their Agas, so if ours has one, its name is Blanche, due to its colour. It’s a three-oven Aga, which I am unused to (hence the error above) and I plan to do more baking in the coming year to make use of the baking oven. It is electric and is partly powered by our solar panels – hooray. The metal contraption hanging above the Aga on the left, is the very effective toast maker (the bread is clamped between two mesh layers shaped like ping-pong bats and the whole thing is placed on the hot plate of the Aga).

So here is Blanche, modelling my 2016 Calendar, which also gives me the opportunity to send you best wishes for the coming year! And if you’d like to make a calendar like this for yourself, just visit my Spoonflower design studio, by clicking the ‘Fabric Designs’ link top right on this website. You will only need to buy one fat quarter (the linen-cotton mix fabric is great) and put a narrow double hem on each side.

Calendar tea towel

Editor’s note: an un-dated version of this design is now available – designed to fit on a fat quarter of linen-cotton fabric (which is 54″ wide).  You can find it here.

Sewing tea-towel

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