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Six months ago, for the Regional Day of the Quilters’ Guild Northern Region, I had a table with my patterns on (and learned the valuable lesson that if you are selling patterns at £2.95, it is best to have a LOT of five pence pieces in your cash box – oh, and be able to multiply £2.95 x 3).

Selling at Regional Day

Six months later, at the next Regional Day, the table looked like this:


This time there were eleven different patterns for sale with sample quilted items, my cut-out-and-sew Cheshire Cat kits – and a ‘Quilt for a Teddy’ pattern using my very own ‘Leaping sheep’ fabric. (The sharp-eyed reader will also spot a pattern price of £3.00, so much easier to manage!) The highlight of this second visit was the conversation I had with a purchaser of a pattern on the previous visit, who called it: “the best one ever – and I’ve been quilting a long time – it’s so easy to follow”.

The ‘Quilt for a Teddy’ (which would work just as well for a doll) looks like this:

A Quilt for a Teddy main cover picture.JPG

I’m enjoying seeing the ‘Leaping Sheep’ pattern used in all four colourways here. The (vintage?) teddy himself was purchased at Tynemouth at one of their weekend selling event that’s held in the station. I found him completely irresistible, especially as he still makes a growl when you tip him forward.

Cover thumbnail.JPG

You can see all my sewing and quilt patterns here.

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