Pretty Fabric Bag and Calendar

Pretty Fabric Bag by Amanda Jane Textiles.jpg

This week I have been stitching a pretty fabric bag, based on one I developed for a class last year. As you can see from the ‘bag contents’ strewn about, it’s a small bag, just about the right size for a night out, a party or a wedding. It’s quick to sew up and it only uses two fat quarters of fabric, that is to say two contrasting pieces of material, each 21 x 18″ (53 x 46cm).

For this bag, I used my own ‘Flowers from Kirkcudbright on black’ for the outside and a rich aqua colour for the lining.

Pretty Fabric Bag 20.JPG

Kirkcudbright is a favourite holiday destination for us and the owner of the house where we stay has a superlative garden. The flowers in the print are based on a drawing I made from a plant in one of her borders, last time we were there on holiday. Click here and here if you would like to see the other colourways.

The only other materials needed for the bag are a reel of matching thread and a large button. As an inveterate searcher for such items in charity shops, I always have plenty to choose from. I really liked this one, though I have no idea at all of its provenance or age:

Pretty Fabric Bag 23.JPG

I have written up the instructions for the Pretty Fabric Bag on the Instructables website, so you can make one yourself. Click here to see them. These are FREE.

And speaking of things that are FREE, I am just preparing to send out calendar pages for February 2017 to everyone who asked for one last month. The February calendar page is A4 size and includes a design taken from one of my fabrics. February’s includes quite a lot of pink and has a spot of romance about it, with a nod to St Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already signed up to receive calendar pages from me during 2017, please fill in the contact form below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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