Drawing every day

My one and only New Year’s Resolution is to draw every day. I used to draw at least once a week, because I always start with a drawing and (usually) a watercolour painting for each new fabric design on Spoonflower. Tuesday is design day and I enjoy the time taken to do this, as you can see in┬áthis post. I haven’t always drawn though. I … Continue reading Drawing every day

A (vintage) recipe for meringues

As it is now close to the festive season, I am going to share a recipe in this week’s blog post. (There is a textile connection too.) First, here’s the recipe: Meringues Whisk the whites of 2 eggs till they are very stiff. Add gradually a quarter pound of very fine castor sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture stands alone. Dip a tablespoon … Continue reading A (vintage) recipe for meringues