Joe the Quilter and a fabric design

Joseph Hedley, known as Joe the Quilter, was an 18th-century individual who made his living from quilting. Joe had worked first as a tailor and later as a quilter. Very sadly, he met a violent end – he was murdered in his small cottage in Northumberland.  The murder case remains unsolved to this day. HeContinue reading “Joe the Quilter and a fabric design”

The skirt that Hannah made

My friend Hannah Watherston is a seamstress. She has spent much of her life creating made-to-measure garments such as wedding dresses, and in addition, she has been directly involved in helping small business start-ups, especially those led by women. She is a fount of wisdom and knowledge about textiles and about business; it’s a privilegeContinue reading “The skirt that Hannah made”

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