Decorative mending 1

Photos of ‘boro’ the Japanese art of decorative mending are so engaging. The idea of patching an old garment with additional pieces of cloth – using stitches that are meant to be seen – are bound to appeal to a patchworker like myself (who also likes embroidery).  Just look at these, which come from an excellent blog post by FerugiStar in which it is explained … Continue reading Decorative mending 1

Small business 1 – Custard and Bear

After the Festival of Quilts posts recently, this one marks a change of direction. At the start of the year (January 2017), I had made two resolutions and I have kept them pinned up on a noticeboard in our house, so I am reminded of them all the time. I have heard the process of setting up your own small business described as being like … Continue reading Small business 1 – Custard and Bear