Small business 1 – Custard and Bear

After the Festival of Quilts posts recently, this one marks a change of direction. At the start of the year (January 2017), I had made two resolutions and I have kept them pinned up on a noticeboard in our house, so I am reminded of them all the time. I have heard the process of setting up your own small business described as being like … Continue reading Small business 1 – Custard and Bear

100th blog post!

Shortly before starting my small business Amanda Jane Textiles in Autumn 2014, I began this blog. Thus far, I have written 100 blog posts and included a 30-second video about my creative life. Click here to see it. There have been about 13,000 hits on this website. Thank you for visiting. The plan is to write original content each week which I hope you will … Continue reading 100th blog post!