In Memoriam

I can’t let this sad week go by without expressing my own sadness at the death on Thursday of Queen Elizabeth II. This is a key moment in our history. She was our sovereign for 70 years and I have been conscious of her presence as our Head of State throughout my whole life. I feel – as many do – the loss of someone precious.

If you share in my, and our nation’s, sadness, I commend to you the recording of a service of Prayer and Remembrance led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, available on YouTube. The link is below.

‘Watch the Stars’ mystery quilt – September block

Welcome to the September block for the ‘Watch the Stars’ 2022 mystery quilt.

Watch-the-Stars Mystery Quilt 2022 with Amanda Jane Textiles, white lettering on a dark blue background, four yellow on blue star blocks at the bottom

Here are the September block instructions. These square in a square blocks will twinkle in your finished quilt – full instructions for assembling the quilt will come at the end of the year.

A quarter-inch seam is used throughout.


For each of the eight blocks, you will need:

5 x 5″ yellow solid or yellow print fabric

4 x 8″ navy blue solid or navy blue print fabric


from the yellow fabric, cut one square 3¾ x 3¾”

from the navy fabric cut two squares each 3⅞ x 3⅞”

Cut each of the navy 3⅞ x 3⅞” squares in half, across the diagonal, to create four medium triangles for each block.

Prepare the cut fabrics for stitching, by choosing the best yellow/navy combinations and laying the pieces out on the work table.

Making the Block

After stitching, press each seam to set the stitches. Then press the seam allowances to one side, as directed below.

1 Lay the yellow square on the table. You are going to attach two of the navy triangles to the opposite sides of the square as shown below.

'Watch the Stars' September block step 1

2 Begin with one the triangles, which needs to be right sides together with the square and aligned at the top.

3 Flip the piece over and pin in place, ensuring that the ‘ears’ of the navy triangle are exactly the same size on each side.

'Watch the Stars' September block step 2

4 Stitch in place with a quarter-inch seam.

5 Repeat with the second triangle and stitch to the opposite side of the square. Press the seams outwards towards the triangles.

'Watch the Stars' September block step 5

6 Lay the remaining two navy triangles right sides together on the other two sides of the square, as shown. Flip the piece over and pin, stitch and press as in steps 2 – 6.

7 This is the completed block.

8 Repeat steps 2 – 6 to make the remaining seven blocks.

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