Hello. Welcome! I’m Amanda.

My studio (seen right) is at historic Ushaw, Durham, UK (see here.)

This is my MISSION here.

If you want to know how I got in to Textiles, the story is right here.

Textile designer Amanda Jane Ogden with Spoonflower handbook

There are 110+ unique and charming FABRIC DESIGNS here (I’m a surface pattern designer by training). Fabrics are supplied by print-on-demand firm Spoonflower. Fabric is shipped from Berlin, Germany or Durham, USA. Fabric sizes start at an 8 x 8″ (20 x 20cm) swatch.

Amanda Jane Ogden in her studio with quilts on the wall: 'Colours of Mexico' (left) and 'Winter Roses' (right)

If you need a QUILT/ SEWING PATTERN Take a look at the 40+ patterns here.

I’m an experienced quilt-maker and published pattern-writer (see the Press page here.)

If you’d like to learn something new, check the CLASSES page here, TUTORIALS page here and YOUTUBE channel here. (I’m a qualified Textiles and Art teacher.)

If you are interested in ART, CRAFTS and TEXTILES topics, the weekly blog posts are here.

For subscribers and customers, there’s also a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER (sign up here).

Amanda sending postcards

If you’d like to buy a handmade QUILT or original PAINTING, you can find it in the shop here.

It’s easy to get in touch and I’d love to hear from you. I do use the post (as seen left) but the contact form below is quicker!


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