Amanda Jane Ogden, owner of Amanda Jane Textiles
 Amanda Jane Ogden (photo by Luke Ogden)

Hello and welcome to the website!  I’m Amanda and I work in a studio at Ushaw, a stunning historic building located in a village near Durham, in the North-East of England. (You can read about it here.)

You will find plenty to interest, engage and inform you on this website, which I have been building since August 2014. (You can read the very first blog-post here.)

Here is the mission statement for Amanda Jane Textiles. I aim to:

+ Write weekly blog-posts, about textiles, crafts, design and other things that I think will interest you.

+ Provide easy-to-follow Quilt and Sewing patterns so you can take pleasure in creating something beautiful. You can find the patterns here.

+ Create unique fabric designs for textile enthusiasts. You can find the fabrics here.

+ Offer excellent teaching. You can find out more about classes here.  (If you want to check out my formal qualifications Рincluding my Textiles degree -you can see them here!)

If you want to find out how I got into textiles, look here.