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How to choose a quilting ruler

Quilters' rulers in a stand

If you are starting out with quilting, you will need a rotary cut and mat, plus a quilters’ ruler. To help you make a good choice, read the post here

Learn to make a quilt

If you are new to quilting, I can help you to get started with this quilt, the ‘Animals’ quilt.

Animals quilt

This is a single-bed pattern which uses a single block 35 times, so once you have mastered the block you will get plenty of practice! There are six videos on my YouTube channel showing you how to cut fabric and join pieces to make this exact block and how to join the blocks into rows. You can see them all here:

  • 1 Introduction – click here
  • 2 How to cut fabric for quilting – click here
  • 3 How to ‘fussy-cut’ fabric for quilting – click here
  • 4 How to make a quilt block part 1 – click here
  • 5 How to make a quilt block part 2 – click here
  • 6 How to join patchwork blocks to make a row – click here

I made the quilt in autumn colours, but it would look great in soft pastels or in modern brights. The centre of each block in my quilt is an Australian animal, but you can choose any fabric with suitable motifs. You can download the pattern as a PDF by clicking this link: Animals Quilt by Amanda Jane Textiles

How to make a sampler quilt

This quilt was the Quiltalong quilt in 2019. Links to all the twelve sets of instructions for the blocks are here

How to add sashing to a quilt

Sashing strips are long strips of fabric between blocks in a quilt (as seen in the photo above). You can find a tutorial on how to add sashing here

How to add borders to a quilt

Some quilts tops go right to the edge where the binding is added, but others have borders round to set off the centre of the quilt. You can see a tutorial on how to add a border here

How to choose wadding

Wadding (called ‘batting’ in the US) is the layer between your quilt top and the backing fabric. There are lots of different types to choose from. There is a useful post about how to make your selection here.

cotton wadding

How to join wadding

You might buy wadding in a pack, like the one shown in the photo above, which is designed to fit a certain size of quilt, or you may find you need to join pieces. There is a tutorial here on two different ways of doing this

How to make a drawstring bag

This tutorial here shows you how to make a drawstring bag. The bag uses ‘Farne Island’ fabric – you can find the fabric here.

How to layer up a quilt with adhesive spray

For instructions on how to layer up a quilt using specialist adhesive spray, click here.

layering up a quilt

Other ways to ‘pin’ a layered up quilt

If you don’t want to use adhesive spray to hold your quilt layers together, there are three other ways of doing the job – check out this post here

quilter's pins, curved safety pins for holding the layers of a quilt

How to add quilting to a quilt

Quilting stitches hold the three layers of a quilt together. The quilting lines also add a secondary layer of visual interest to the quilt. You can quilt your quilt by hand or by machine. There is a tutorial about adding machine-quilting to the blue quilt pictured above here and another about quilting a large quilt below.

For helpful advice on machine quilting a large quilt, click here:


How to finish and bind a quilt

When all the quilting is done on the quilt, you will need to trim it and add a binding. You can find a tutorial on how to finish and bind a quilt here

Attaching a binding, stopping at the corner

Make a fabric bag

For a tutorial on how to make a fabric bag, which uses my fabric design ‘Flowers from Kirkcudbright’ click through to the pattern on the Instructables website here. Buy the fabric here

Pretty Fabric Bag, by Amanda Jane Textiles, free pattern on Instructables

Make a patchwork block

To make a patchwork block of a house, click here.


How to recycle a shirt

For instructions on how to recycle a shirt, click here.

How to recycle a shirt by Amanda Jane Ogden

How to make a fancy dress costume

To learn how make a ‘King of Hearts’ fancy dress or pantomime costume, click here.

How to replace a jacket lining

For a tutorial on how to replace the lining in a jacket, click on this post on the Bernina here

Jacket lining

How to do reverse appliqué

Reverse appliqué is an attractive decorative technique. You can find a tutorial on how to do it here and another on how to make your piece into a card here

How to up-cycle a vintage suitcase

This tutorial here is about adding a new a lining to a vintage suitcase.

Updating a vintage suitcase with a paper lining
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