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This is a website for textiles enthusiasts. It is packed with information, inspiration and items of interest. I’m Amanda – an artist, designer and maker based in Ramsgate, UK. I create art, design fabrics, write quilt patterns, make quilts, teach classes and sell beautiful quilts.


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If you are interested in textiles, art, design and craft, you can find blog posts on topics of your choice by using the search box. The most recent weekly blog post is here. Subscribing to the blog is easy – just click the button.


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You can also get the free Monthly Newsletter which provides design & colour inspiration, tips, book reviews, interesting links and news from the studio. You can sign up for the newsletter here.


Quilt-Labels, designed by Amanda Jane Textiles, on Spoonflower

If you like fabrics, there are 120 original Fabric Designs (including Quilt Labels, see above) here. You’ll find charming, colourful and sometimes quirky textiles for your dressmaking, quilting and home furnishing needs. All designs can be printed on a variety of fabrics (and even on wallpaper). Orders are supplied by print-on-demand firm Spoonflower and are shipped from Durham, USA.


If you need detailed, easy-to-follow Quilt Patterns take a look at the patterns here. Each pattern (like the ‘Christmas Tree Skirt’ shown above) has clear, step-by-step instructions with colour photos. Confident beginners, intermediate quilters and sewing enthusiasts will find these patterns for textile items easy to use. Some patterns are designed specifically for absolute beginners.


Woman's hands under a sewing machine, to illustrate the 'Quilt in a Day' course from Amanda Ogden

If you’d like to learn something new in the Textiles or Crafts area, explore the Classes page here and YouTube channel here. Go to the Testimonials page here to see feedback from participants in workshops and classes. You can find free patterns and textiles projects on the Tutorials section of this website here.

Year-long quilt projects

Watch-the-Stars Mystery Quilt 2022 with Amanda Jane Textiles, white lettering on a dark blue background, four yellow on blue star blocks at the bottom

In 2022, there was a monthly Mystery Quilt project to make Watch the Stars, a star-spangled quilt. In previous years Summer Bouquets and Singing the Blues. Use the project title in the search box to see all the posts for each of the quilts.


If you would be interested in having a handmade Quilt (or other textile item) made for you, take a look at the blog post here and get in touch. I’m listed as a maker in the Crafts Council Directory here.

Quilts and Artwork for sale

The logo for Amanda Handmade Quilts Etsy shop

Maybe you are not a maker yourself but you are looking for the perfect piece for your home? The Amanda Handmade Quilts shop on Etsy here is full of handmade one-off items, including Art Quilts (to hang on the wall) and quilts for beds, cots and sofas, plus other quilted items for the home. There are also a number of paintings for sale, which are listed in the Art-work section of this website here.

Get in touch

Amanda Jane Ogden posting a letter - to illustrate the point that she is happy for people to contact her and that the best way is to use the contact form on the page

It’s easy to get in touch with me and I’d love to hear from you. I do use the post (as seen in the photo) but the contact form below is quicker!


This is my Mission here. Amanda Jane Textiles has a Privacy Policy and you can view it here.

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