Make a quilt in 2019! January quilt block

I’d like to help you make a quilt this year. Actually, I am all about helping people to make things (especially quilts!)  I spend much of my working time designing quilts and writing patterns so other people can make quilts and other sewing items. The patterns either go into my Etsy shop (here) or intoContinue reading “Make a quilt in 2019! January quilt block”

Quilt and Sewing patterns in December

Quilt Now issue 57 is out now and it contains two of my patterns. The first is for a set of storage canisters to sit, say, on a sewing table. They could hold ribbons, buttons or reels of thread. I designed them so they would nest inside each other, so they could be made as aContinue reading “Quilt and Sewing patterns in December”

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