Felt-making workshops and long walks

Felt-making is the theme of the next Craft Saturdays workshop on Saturday 18 April 2015. This is a very enjoyable craft. It is most satisfying to make your very own fabric from scratch (well, nearly from scratch, because the sheep did its bit first, by providing the wool!). It’s quite a physical process; you reallyContinue reading “Felt-making workshops and long walks”

Embroidery for 2015

There was a time when all little girls were taught to sew and to embroider. There are even some dated samplers, like this one, made 201 years ago, in 1814, which provide us with the name and age of the maker.  Quite something for an eight-year old! These days, we rightly expect girls to haveContinue reading “Embroidery for 2015”

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