More Embroidery

The recent ‘Craft Saturdays’ session at The Sanctuary in Darlington was all about ‘Hand Embroidery’. A creative group of people came together to find out about tools, threads and fabric for embroidery and to have a go at producing their own work (as well as enjoying lunch together!)  There is so much enjoyment to be had from hand-stitching. It’s a relaxing and calming pastime; plus, choosing colours is always a pleasure.


We took as our inspiration, the tradition of samplers (see previous post ‘Tantalising Quilt Link at Beamish‘ for some examples) and this vintage needle-case.


Everyone left with their own completed modern sampler ready to be made into a 2015 Sampler Needle-case. Here are a couple of extracts:

WP_20150207_007 (3)

WP_20150207_011 (3)

We also had a go at some applique and started to make s freer use of the various stitches, including adding beads, sequins and metallic threads. Here are some examples:

WP_20150207_012 (2)WP_20150207_013 (2)

WP_20150207_017 (2)


There’s a pattern for a needle-case in my new ‘Stitcher’s Kit’ pattern. Here are the things you can made with the ‘Stitcher’s Kit’ pattern:

Stitcher's Kit cover photo

stitcher's kit, needle-case inside

The pattern is for sale in my Etsy Shop (click the link on the right of this page to go to the shop).  It’s now available post free in the UK.

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