Tweeting and the Textiles Owl

Wise and savvy Internet users have been telling me for a while that I need to use Twitter. I have held back for a while because all my ‘electronic learning’ efforts recently have been going into improving my design use of Photoshop, to create fabric designs (click here to see my designs).

However, I have now had an induction into the mysteries of this contemporary means of communication and have been able to send my first tweets (big thanks to my tutor!).

As it happens, the Owl above was in one of the very first tweets. I have devised the Yarn Owl as a fun way of practising the different yarn skills I’m teaching at my upcoming workshop in Darlington on Saturday 17 October 2015: knitting, crochet and pom-pom making. If you want to do a workshop like this, please get in touch, there’s a contact form below.

Too-whit too-whoo, tweet-tweet!

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This is my ‘Flowers from Kirkcudbright, blue on coral’. You can find it here.

Flowers from Kirkcudbright, blue on coral

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