Farfield Mill Quilt Exhibition

DSC_0318Recently I made a trip to Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, England (click here to go to their website) and we took the scenic route from Durham, driving through dramatic winter scenery, seeing hills scattered with snow and clouds infused with pinks and greys, through a windscreen dotted with falling snowflakes:DSC_0317

We were there to see an ‘International Patchwork Exhibition’  which runs until 17 February 2016:


Sadly, photographs at the exhibition were not allowed, but I can refer here to the worthy top prize-winner ‘A life lived in ink’ by Kathryn Harmer Fox which appears on the Farfield Mill flyer (credited to the maker) and the lovely piece which deservedly won the Quiltmania prize ‘Reflets sur l’eau’  by Brigitte Didier which appears (uncredited!) on the European meeting Patchwork [Carrefour] publicity leaflet.


You can follow a link to images of other selected quilts from the competition by clicking here for the general category and here for the teacher’s category.

Farfield Mill is the only place these quilts are being shown in the UK, so it is a good opportunity to see pieces by textile artists from many countries around the world, all on the theme of ‘Reflection’.

There’s lots more besides to enjoy at Farfield Mill, including a shop area with displays of craft items for sale:


This is surrounded by small shops/workshops run by different makers. My eye was caught in particular by stylish tweed jackets from ‘The Shepherdess’:


I also got to see an art-work by Clyde Olliver, whose work in ’embroidered’ slate I had seen in photographs. I like the textile-like qualities of this piece:


Here is a close-up:


A whole room is dedicated to a second-hand bookshop (I got off lightly with only two purchases!) And finally, there is the historic display of looms and other items relating to the building’s original purpose as a woollen mill:


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