Weaving textiles into every day

The weaving above was made by my creative friend Ruth Grant. She is a busy person who has a job, an important voluntary role as a governor in a primary school and is involved in a number of other activities outside her home. She also loves working with textiles, in particular with wool. She ownsContinue reading “Weaving textiles into every day”

Farfield Mill Quilt Exhibition

Recently I made a trip to Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, England (click here to go to their website) and we took the scenic route from Durham, driving through dramatic winter scenery, seeing hills scattered with snow and clouds infused with pinks and greys, through a windscreen dotted with falling snowflakes: We were there to see an ‘International Patchwork Exhibition’  whichContinue reading “Farfield Mill Quilt Exhibition”

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