Llandudno Quilting


Having finished my last post with Pauline Burbidge, I am pleased to be able to start the next one in the same way, for Pauline was a key-note speaker at the Quilters’ Guild AGM in Llandudno (April 2016). She spoke about her inspiration and her creative process, including slides of her sketches in the presentation.


She showed a photo of the beautiful piece displayed inside the glass cabinet at the Bowes museum  (for more about my visit to that exhibition, click here).


The exhibition of Quiltscapes and Quiltline pieces is on at the Ruthin Craft Centre, from 23 April to 10 July 2016. For more information, click here.

A second key-note speaker was Effie Galletly, who – like Pauline Burbidge – has had work shown in art galleries; textile pieces holding their own alongside painted works. She stressed how important this was. Effie’s subject-matter is landscape, in particular the views she observes around her home in the Hebrides.


The slides accompanying the presentation alternated between photographs of stunning views in the Scottish islands and beautiful interpretations in fabric and stitch. Some pieces were available to look at after the talk, which made it possible to see the subtlety of the hand-dyed material and the lines of stitching.



Effie has written a book about her creative process called ‘Patterns in Landscape’ and she also offers courses in using these techniques to depict landscape.. You can find out more on her website (click here).

The stay in Llandudno was enjoyable for all kinds of reasons, and I’ll write more about it in the next post. In the meantime, here are some photos of this pretty town.




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