Photos and threads

Amanda Ogden, new profile pic

I have a new profile picture and the photographic credits go to Luke Ogden.

Luke is one partner of the film-making duo ‘High Six Media’. Click here to go to their website to see what they do. I was treated to a personal photo shoot when High Six Media had a film-shoot nearby, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I also have a new studio. It is fairly small but packed tight with good storage and I have a large area to work on. This is making it much easier to do all my activities in one place (e.g. drawing and painting for fabric design; cutting and piecing fabric for quilts; quilting on the sewing machine or by hand; making other textile products; writing quilt patterns; preparing for workshops – oh and writing a blog!)  There have now been 10,000 views of this website and 4,500 visitors since I started in August 2014, so I am minded to continue. Thanks, everyone, especially to those of you who follow the blog. If you would like to join them, please click the button below.

There seems to be quite a trend currently for ‘showing  people round one’s studio’ on-line and I really enjoy seeing how other people use their creative space.  There’s a book on my bookshelf that repays constant re-reading, called ‘Artists and their Studios’ (photography Eamonn McCabe, written by Michael McNay).  I haven’t quite finished the stowing away in my own studio (a quart is being made to fit a pint pot), so I’m not sure it would stand public scrutiny at the moment, but perhaps some of the storages ideas could be shared…

My sewing threads are kept in this wooden  cantilevered sewing box (found in a charity shop, of course!).

thread storage 1

Inside, the threads are organised by colour in each of the sections. There is no chance of them unravelling, as each is held by a small elastic band, one of the kind that were so popular in the UK recently for making ‘Loom bands’ and I’m indebted to my friend Maggie for the idea.

thread storage 2

It’s really easy to use, and if I’m teaching a class, or going on a quilt retreat (my quilt group goes away twice a year!), I can just pick it up and go.

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