Fabric brooches & beautiful clothes

Last week was quite a week. As I mentioned in my last post, my quilt was on the cover of Popular Patchwork (click here if you missed it!) which was a lovely surprise. However later in the week I headed off the the Durham central post office to pick up a parcel. I wasn’t expecting a delivery, so was somewhat intrigued. Inside was a paper copy of Sew News, which included this article:

Photo credit: Sew News

I was so pleased with how the brooch (one of two) was styled – so pretty.  My article included instructions about using vintage fabrics to make brooches using a variety of techniques and also gave advice on handling old materials. Sew News exists as a paper magazine and as a digital (on-line) publication. My contract specified that I would receive a paper copy of the piece I wrote for them and here it was:


For more about the magazine, go to www.sewnews.com.

And now for the beautiful clothes. For the whole of 2016, I have been following with great interest the work of a young friend of mine, Lydia, who has created over the twelve-month period all  the clothes she needs, with the intention of having a completely new wardrobe and getting rid of all her previous clothes. This she has now done and the new clothes are simply gorgeous. Lydia is trained in garment construction and tailoring, but has a high level of skill in surface pattern as well, so many of the pieces she has made are very decorative. I recommend to you a close examination of all the posts in her blog starting right back in January 2016. You can find her at www.mademywardrobe.comI have a visit to her studio in Bristol scheduled for next month and I just can’t wait…

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