In the early part of this year, I wrote an article for Popular Patchwork magazine about ‘Pins in the Sewing room’.  I use a wide variety of different pins and am fond of my various pincushions, like the one below which I made years ago from a needlepoint piece based on a William Morris strawberry design. This one houses my long, flat-head pins. I employ these pins for pinning out quilts – if I have access to a large carpeted area and I also use them for marking the centre of each side of the backing and quilt so quilts are laid up squarely. Click here to see the post about laying up a quilt using an adhesive spray.

needlepoint pincushion.jpg

In the same issue of Popular Patchwork was a project to make a fun ‘Circus tent’ pincushion – a nice sturdy one with plenty of space for lots of pins.  To go with it was a useful wrist pincushion in a starry fabric.

Photo credit: Popular Patchwork

Do you have a favourite pincushion? Why do you like it so much?

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There’s a pincushion in my ‘Stitcher’s Kit’ sewing pattern. You can find it here.

Stitcher's Kit

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