On Iona

This post is a little different because I am writing it on the island of Iona. This morning, the wind was blowing strongly around the building where I am staying, and there was no internet connection. During the day there has been lashing ‘horizontal’ rain, and now – in the late afternoon – the sun is shining. All this is quite to be expected in these Scottish islands in October.

The last month has been difficult. I have been very unwell with a virus and there have been many days when I couldn’t work and other days when I just did the minimum, because I couldn’t do any more. I was unsure whether I would be able to come on this visit.

Getting to Iona is not for the fainthearted.  From Durham, it’s a good five hours drive to Oban, then a ride on the car ferry to Mull, a drive across Mull and finally a ride on the passenger ferry to Iona.

I will only have four days in this beautiful place, so was this long journey worth it? Oh yes. This is an ancient, historic and holy place.

The best I can do is to share some photos from my visit. I have been walking, sleeping a lot, eating delicious food and sharing good company  and I have at last begun to feel  well again. I’ve even been swimming in the sea, with a seal swimming just a few yards away from us!






And in other news…

if you are starting to make preparations for Christmas,  my ‘Christmas  Tree Skirt’ is a quick and easy make. The pattern is available here.

Christmas Tree Skirt by Amanda Jane Textiles

When I return,  I will be sending out calendar pages for November (featuring one of my fabric designs). If you would like to receive one, please just fill in the form below and I will send it to you!






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