Short quilting breaks for busy people

Editor’s note: at the time this post was written, I was exploring the idea of a three-day craft break for participants to learn how to quilt. In the end this idea has translated into two different options:

  • a one-day ‘Quilt in a Day’ course, taught one-to-one, in person
  • a self-study course ‘Make Your First Quilt’ that is accessed online.

You can find out about both of these on the Classes page here

So, here’s the thing: I have two small businesses: the textiles one (fabric design and quilt-making) and the holiday lets one (AirBnB house). Both have been running alongside each other for three years now. During this week-end I’ve been at Ushaw College on a EU-funded ‘Boost Your Business’ course where the two business streams came together in a brand-new idea. As it happens, Ushaw College is just a quarter of a mile from my house. It’s an historic building, renovated for conference use. A long weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with full catering, provided the context for a large amount of learning – and for a new business idea to be generated! An alternative would be a one-day course – an introduction to quilting. How about that?

This quilt is a good beginner’s quilt, if you can’t get to a class. You can find it here.

Clouds and Smoke

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