A wool shop in Berlin

I recently came across this rather splendid bicycle in Berlin:

Herr U bicycle, Berlin, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles.JPG

The week-long Berlin trip was a (special) birthday gift to my companion, but I got to go too. The bicycle was leaning against a shop in the Heckmann Hofe – a series of inter-linking courtyards in a part of the city near the Alexanderplatz.  Here is the shop-sign

Herr U shop sign, Berlin, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles.JPG

… and the wool on display outside the shop looked luscious:

Herr U shop entrance, Berlin, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles.JPG

So I went in, and found a small shop, with most attractive displays of wool wherever you looked:


I fell into conversation with the owner, Sascha Uetrecht, (he is the Herr U of the shop title) and discovered that from first being a shop assistant in 2011, he took on this emporium as his first shop in 2015 and now has a second shop in the Amalienpark, in the Pankow area of the city.

Herr U in hand knitted scarf, Berlin, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles.JPG

I was interested to know if he writes his own patterns and yes indeed he has done this in the past. Now, with the two shops, he is quite busy, but still makes time to do a new pattern each year in Advent. We spoke about the need to check patterns and Herr U uses his shop staff to knit up knitting patterns before they are released. The scarf in the picture is knitted by him, using  wool coloured in gradations of blue by one of his suppliers.  He is also subject to the difficulty faced by many creatives: he is now so busy , that it is difficult to find time to knit!

This is a great shop, highly recommended if you have a love for colour, display – and of course for yarn!

Herr U, Berlin, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles

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Herr U’s website can be found at: http://www.herr-u.de.

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