Michala Gyetvai, textile artist

I first came across Michala’s work at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Edinburgh in 2016, where she had an exhibition entitled ‘Enchanted Landscapes’.

Michala Gyetvai at the Knitting and Stitching Show Edinburgh, 2016, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles

Michala’s work is unusual and most striking. She works from pastel sketches of the landscape and then re-works them in fibres and threads onto a wool blanket base.  These are large-scale pieces, as can be seen in the picture above.

This is another piece from the exhibition entitled ‘Tears in the Forest’.Tears in the Forest by Michala Gyvetai photo by Amanda Jane Textiles

The fibres and threads are laid on to the backing in layers to provide a rich, dense surface, rather in the way that a painter might build up layers of colour. This detail of the above work provides a closer look:

Tears in the Forest (detail) by Michala Gyetvai, photo by Amanda Jane Textiles

The piece is densely stitched – you can see hand-stitching in the top left-hand corner and machine stitching in the bottom right. This causes the backing to bend, curve and distort so the work becomes a three-dimensional sculpture rather than a two-dimensional embroidery.  The viewer feels drawn in to a rich semi-imaginary world.

Here is another work, entitled ‘Seas of Grass’, in which the undulating surface of the piece is particularly clear.  These art-works contain imagery which evoke the natural world (trees, sky, grass) but which also slip away from it, suggesting something more fantastical. I loved it. You can see more of Michala’s work on her website: http://www.michalagyetvai.co.uk

Seas of grass by Michala Gyetvai photo by Amanda Jane Textiles

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