See the sketchbook – tropical fish

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the watercolour paintings I made from photos taken by my cousin Dave in the seas around Australia (the post is here). I filled a small sketchbook purchased from The Brooklyn Art Library with watercolour paintings of fish and included quotations about the ocean.

'sketches from the depth's sketchbook

The sketchbook has now been digitised so I can share the whole sketchbook with you:

You can see from the sketchbook that there was a pleasing circularity about the project, which began in Australia, with photos shared in England (where the sketches were made) and a tea-towel printed with the fish going back to Australia.

Australia map from sketchbook

The tea-towel was done with linen-cotton mix fabric from Spoonflower. A quarter-yard is enough to make one tea-towel and you can make four from a yard. Each tea-towel needs to be cut out and a narrow double-hem stitched all round.

Fish tea towel x four

You can find it here.

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