‘A quilt in a day’ Christmas gift

I have enjoyed helping two individuals (on two separate occasions) make a quilt in a day. Now, let me be clear, I’m not talking about a double-bed size quilt. (They usually take me around sixty to eighty hours to make!) This involves putting together a small quilt which can later be used as a table-runner or mat.

Quilt in a Day


The whole point of the mini-quilt is to learn all the key skills needed by a beginner to go on to make a larger piece, for example: cutting and constructing different blocks, joining blocks and and then joining rows, adding a border, layering up, quilting and then finishing with a binding. Both participants learnt in good light at my dining room table (the one you can see me quilting on in this photo!)

Each of the two participants was already able to use a sewing machine and wanted to try out quilt-making for the first time.  As you can see, both left-handers and right-handers are catered for.

Quilt in a Day class

Learning with one-to-one teaching, at your own speed, is a great way to learn. It’s quite intensive so you need your breaks! Six hours tuition is enough to make the ‘quilt in a day’ so starting at 9.00 and finishing at 5.00 leaves time for coffee-, lunch- and tea-breaks

So I’d like to offer this as a Christmas gift option. If you would like to give someone the opportunity to learn a new craft (patchwork & quilting) then please book ‘Quilt in a Day’ here and tell me who will be coming. I will then send out a hand-made card about ‘Quilt in a Day’ for you to hand over as your gift.

Of course, you could always give ‘Quilt in a Day’ to yourself!

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