Decorative mending 3

I really like ‘saving’ clothes. By that I mean mending, up-dating, enhancing or rescuing garments. I’ve told you about projects like this before.

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This is a story of bleach splashed on comfortable, well-fitting BLACK trousers. As you might expect, the splashes of bleach left long white marks on the fabric. In addition, the position of the damage was on the seat of the trousers. Oh dear!

The garment in question belonged to a friend of mine. Inking in the marks with permanent black marker had not worked, so I volunteered my services, thinking initially that it might be possible to embroider in black thread over the marks, to make a decorative feature.

In the end, the shape of the white marks required something different. I found a narrow, black, light-weight bias binding strip in my supplies and stitched it down in three vertical lines of differing length. There was a pocket on the back of the trousers and by unpicking the top edge of the pocket and inserting the top raw edge of the binding, it made the strips look quite finished. At the other end of each strip, I folded in the edges to make a point. The strips now looked quite sporty.


The fabric of the trousers (which had a slight stretch) was still flexible and my friend was pleased because those trousers are a favourite of hers.


She even modelled them when we met.

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