Embroidery on Lindisfarne

This post links with the one I wrote two weeks ago (about Bambrugh Castle), since we drove on up the coast from Bamburgh to Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island). Lindisfarne is cut off by the tide, so you can only cross at certain times on any given day. We had planned our trip to cross at 5.30 in the afternoon and the weather was cool but sunny so we spent a little time on one of the beaches.


There is a lovely old church (the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin) on the island which I am always pleased to visit.


Within, is the original of wooden carving by Fenwick Lawson of monks carrying the coffin containing the body of St Cuthbert (which they were fearful invading Vikings might rob or destroy). In the centre of Durham City, there is a version in resin of this piece, just next to the public library, but I prefer the original which on this occasion was bathed in coloured light as the late afternoon sunshine came through the stained glass windows.


Also in the church was this beautifully-executed embroidered banner depicting Saint Margaret of Scotland (born in Hungary in 1145). She was a Scottish queen and an English princess.


There is another lovely textile piece in the church, to the left of the nave. It’s a modern work which fits in  perfectly – with respect to its shapes and colour – with its sea-bound setting. I love it.


Please take care with the tides if you are planning to visit Lindisfarne. You can find a link with more information at the end of this post.

My fabric design ‘Farne Islands’ is inspired by the islands just beyond Lindisfarne. You can find it here.

Farne Islands

For information about visiting Lindisfarne, go to: http://www.lindisfarne.org.uk

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