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Today is the late August Bank Holiday in England and Wales and the weather is gloriously hot and sunny (which is not always the case in the North-East of England and is often not the case on a Bank Holiday!) So I felt that this week’s post should have a summery textile theme.

My quilt group (Durham Quilters) held a mini-textile exhibition yesterday in the conservatory of Brandon Village Community Garden. The sun shone, the garden was glorious and the small quilts, embroideries, dyed samples and small textile sculptures glowed in the sunlight.

Durham Quilters' Mini-Textile Exhibition
Work by Durham Quilters: Embroidery right by Pat Sharples; Framed embroidery and 3D embroidery below centre by Ann Diggory; Handmade cards centre left by Alwyn Pope; Embroidery top left by Amanda Ogden
Mini-quilt by Lynn Gibson (Durham Quilters)

I made some hand-tied bunting in summery shades of lavender. There will be instructions for making this in the August monthly newsletter. Let me know if you want to receive a copy.


Last week, I was enchanted to see the work of another group of makers – ‘Hawes close KNIT friends’, who had yarn-bombed their town as a fun idea to please the summer visitors.  Just look at this ‘cap’ on top of a letter-box:


Whole drainpipes were decorated (there are clearly both knitters and crocheters in the group):


Anyone who enjoyed it was asked to contribute to the group by leaving a donation  – to go to local charities – in the pub on the high street (which I surely did). Obviously, the collecting box was woolly too:


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This is a new tea-towel design called ‘Fruit Cake’.   You can find it here. It’s based on a 1940s recipe of my grandmother’s, taken from her handwritten recipe book.

Fruit Cake tea towel.png

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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