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I have just published a new pattern, ‘Pretty in Pink’, for a lingerie bag (or anything else bag), which I think would make an excellent gift for a friend.

It’s made with pink patchwork pieces, has a design of free-machine quilting on each side and a decorative zip at the top, enhanced with pretty pink bows. The size is 10 x 12″ (25.5 x 30.5cm) and it has a printed fabric lining.

There is a story behind the bag though, because the fabrics and zip were a gift to me from a friend, for my birthday in February. They came in a beautiful hand-made fabric tray, all wrapped in cellophane.

The items were chosen from my friend’s own collection and the fabric tray was made by her. She was apologetic – she hadn’t been able to get out to the shops as she was undergoing treatment – but I was thrilled.

So, although, many of the things I make are for sale, like my quilts (here) and my paintings (here), this little bag isn’t going anywhere but my own chest-of-drawers. It reminds me of my friend, who is no longer with us, and of her kindness and generosity.

You can make a quilted and patchworked bag of your own, however, as the pattern is now written and in the shop. It includes instructions for putting in a zip and for doing free-machine quilting.

You can find all my patterns right here

This week, on Tuesday, there is an advert for Amanda Jane Textiles in the Metro newspaper in the North-East. It looks like this:

Of course, there is also the more old-fashioned way of publicising a small business – word of mouth – so if you know someone who might enjoy reading this blog, looking at the YouTube videos or learning from the website tutorials, please will you tell them about Amanda Jane Textiles? Thank you very much!

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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