How to commission a quilt

A playmat quilt, 'Playtime' by Amanda Jane Textiles

You might want a quilt, a wall-hanging or a quilted throw. How should you go about commissioning someone to make it for you? Here are some pointers.

The first question to ask is ‘Who is the quilt for?’

A baby should only sleep under a quilt after the age of one, but a quilt makes a nice surface to lie or crawl on, on the floor.

A playmat quilt, 'Playtime' by Amanda Jane Textiles

A quilt measuring 36 x 48″ (91 x 122cm) makes a good-sized cot quilt, but a smaller cover for a buggy is also a possiblity. Here is an example of a quilt made to commission:

If the quilt is for a toddler or a child, it may need to last a few years, so the design needs to not be too babyish. A quilt for a teenager should also be made with a view to it being taken away from home, if the owner goes to college, so again a design that will bridge the gap is good. A single-bed quilt might measure about 60 x 87″ (152 x 221cm) unless it’s for a small toddler bed.

If the quilt is for couple, it’s particularly important to take into account the colour and design choices of both partners. The size of this quilt will depend on the size of the bed: double? king? super-king? Will the quilt lie on top of the bed or should it drape down the sides? A bed-scarf is an alternative, if a smaller decorative quilt is required, like this one:

Sometimes, the purpose of the quilt is commemorative. I have been commissioned before to make a king-size quilt from a collection of treasured T-shirts. For something like this, it’s fairly important that all the fabric is of a similar type: for example, 100% cotton jersey in the case of the T-shirts.

You might consider buying the fabrics yourself (having spoken to your designer first about quantities). This is what happened with this quilt, which was a joy to design and make.

If you have a fabric that you particularly want used in the quilt, you could ask the quilt-maker to design the whole quilt around it. Give the designer some colour swatches, if you are commissioning a quilt for a particular room. If the design options are open, it might be wise to ask the designer to show you some fabric samples along with a design sketch.

It’s important to agree as many things as possible before the maker starts work. Once fabric is stitched in and the quilt is quilted, it’s too late!

Once the size of the quilt is determined and the design agreed, the designer will be able to give you an accurate price for the quilt. You can see some sample prices on my Crafts Council listing here, here and here.

I would be happy to work with you on making the perfect quilt for your home or office. Just get in touch via the contact form below.

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