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a grey and yellow patchwork sewing machine cover, a new pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

How about making a new sewing machine cover for your machine? In our last house, which was a converted Salvation Army Hall, a cover for the machine was really necessary. The roof was traditional slate and on the inside were wooden boards. Let’s just say that it tended to be dusty! Now, we have moved, I keep my machine in the studio which is in a church hall with a tiled roof and boarded interior. I reckon to still need a machine cover. Keeping your machine dust-free helps it to function perfectly when you are ready to use it.

So I have written a pattern for a sewing machine cover for my Pfaff machine. It’s a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 (which looks like this).

Here is the Sewing Machine Cover.

The Sewing Machine Cover is intended to celebrate sewing and quilting, so it has hearts on the front (for love of quilting) and stars on the back (because the sewing machine is the star of the show, the thing that makes it all happen).

The two areas can be swopped over, or you can have all stars or all hearts. It’s a very adaptable pattern.

Speaking of which, the pattern has been designed to fit a number of different sizes of machine and full instructions are given in the pattern for how to make the necessary changes, if your sewing machine has different dimensions.

The original cover is made up in this year’s trending colours of grey and yellow. However, it would look good in other different colour combinations. An entirely ‘scrappy’ cover in a myriad of colours would be fun.

This is a detailed pattern with step-by-step photos. It is a full nineteen pages long! The pattern is suitable for intermediate quilters.This would make a great summer project (for those in the Northern Hemisphere!). This cover will enhance your sewing room and your machine will work all the better for being under a cover.

Here’s the pattern cover:

You can find the pattern here

Last week in the studio, a sewing enthusiast became a brand-new quilter on the ‘Quilt in a Day’ course. The course is now based here in Ramsgate. It’s a one-day course with individual one-to-one tuition. You can book it on the ‘Classes’ page here

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