A lecture by Luke Haynes

On Saturday afternoon I was privileged to attend an on-line lecture by Luke Haynes, organised by Gilly Meeks and open to members of the QGBI (The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles). It was excellent! It is nearly seven years (seven!) since I wrote about Luke’s work, which was on show at the Festival of Quilts in 2015. You can read the original blog post here

This is one of the quilts on view at the 2015 Festival:

Self-portrait by Luke Haynes, photograph by Amanda Ogden

Luke spoke about this quilt and others in a series of portraits, using appliqué on top of pieced log-cabin quilts. Luke frequently uses ‘pre-loved’ fabrics in his work. Several of the portraits were made using the garments of the subjects. The person posed for photographs and then left the garments they had been wearing behind in the studio, which were then cut up and used in the appliqué version of their form. Ingenious!

Luke told us that he makes a quilted self-portrait each year. I admire this disciplined approach to creating art, pushing boundaries and developing technique.

Interestingly, Luke continued to work with log-cabin, making fifty versions of log-cabin variations (with the help of studio assistants to cut, piece and sew the quilts). We saw photos of the works on show; they were displayed so that the backs were seen just as easily as the fronts, making them more ‘sculpture’ than flat two-dimensional pieces.

Log Cabin quilt by Luke Haynes, part of the “Quilts of Donald Judd” exhibit; photo by Virginia Wilcox

Luke also spoke about his anamorphic art quilts, which play with perspective and so need to be seen from a particular viewpoint (not directly in front of the work!) to be understood visually. To see these, look at the ‘Sewlebrity’ section of his website here.

This was an interesting and inspiring talk, which also had a warm and friendly informality to it. Find out more about his talks, his classes and his art at Luke’s website:


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