Make now – for celebrations later

Now is a good time to start making things for festive celebrations later in the year. By December, everything becomes very busy and sewing time is at a premium. Now, in October, there are some dark evenings when it can be very pleasant to sit with your sewing machine and make something bright and cheerful for family gatherings.

November 24th is Thanksgiving in the USA, so there is definitely time to make this table-runner, as all my patterns are downloadable and you can begin it today! The pattern is here

Thankful quilt pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

If you have any family gatherings at which presents are exchanged, my ‘Presents’ table-mats are just perfect. You can make them with small pieces of fabric and can make each one different from the rest; there are four examples in the pattern. The pattern is here.

Presents quilted Christmas table mates pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

If you want to make a cheerful garland to decorate the house, you can follow the instructions in the ‘Hand-tied Bunting/Fabric Garland’ pattern and choose fabric colours to suit your celebration. This is an activity where children can join in. The pattern is here.

Daisy-Journal-cover sewing and embroidery pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

Another project that works with older children is making Christmas Tree decorations. There is a wide selection of textile decorations that can be simply sewn at home in my pattern. The pattern is here

Jingle-Bells handmade Christmas Tree ornaments pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

It is quick to make a simple fabric wreath to go on your door or to hang inside the house. This is the ‘Holly Berry’ wreath. You can find it here.

Holly-Berry-Christmas Wreath sewing pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

If there is a special someone who you would like to give a Christmas stocking to, there is a pattern called ‘Jolly Holly’ to make a really splendid double-sided patchwork one, complete with hanging loop. This is a project for quilters with some experience. You can find the patten here


Jolly-Holly-Christmas stocking pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

Finally, there is my ‘Christmas Tree Skirt’ pattern (in two colourways), so you can stick with traditional red, green and white, or go for a more modern-looking pale blue, dark green and white. The pattern is here

Christmas-Tree-Skirt-pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

All the patterns are priced very reasonably. So what’s stopping you from doing some sewing now to celebrate later?

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2 thoughts on “Make now – for celebrations later

  1. Hi Amanda. Am starting my first small quilt, am in the process of making the squares. The sample one I made with you, has been framed and on my bedroom wall. Can’t thank you enough, learned so much on the day course, definitely got the quilting bug.
    Eva x

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