Baby Quilts from Bear Paw Blocks

Bear Paw quilt blocks, made by Refuge Circle, put together into three quilts and quilted by Jules Miller, photo copyright Jules Miller

Some weeks ago in this post here, I wrote about the four blocks I made for our charity quilt group ‘Refuge Circle’, We are one of the groups set up by quilter Rachel Hauser (of ‘Stitched in Colour’ – link below) as part of her ‘do.Good Stitches’ initiative. These were the blocks I contributed.

Now, one of our excellent ‘Quilters’ (as opposed to the ‘Stitchers’ who make the blocks) has put ALL the Bear Paw blocks together into quilts for charity. She is Jules Miller and you can find her on Instagram with the link below.

This is a photo of one of the quilts.

In this photo you can see all three quilts put together by Jules from the blocks contributed by the whole group of Stitchers. I just love them. (Can you spot the four blocks from the top of the page?) It’s amazing how the work from so many different people, who don’t meet up in real life, all blends together so well

There’s also a photo of them, looking soft and fluffy, ready to be sent off to a premature baby unit. Aren’t they lovely? Thank you, Jules!

You can find Jules on Instagram here:

Rachel Hauser can be found here:

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  1. I agree with you that it is absolutely amazing how those different blocks come together. Sometimes quilting feels a little bit like magic!

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