Embroidered Vintage Tablecloths

Out and about with friends on Friday last, we repaired to ‘The Jiggery Pokery Shop’ in Mickley, Stocksfield (Northumberland) for lunch. The lunch, by the way, was of the nicest kind for a greyish November day: home-made carrot and lentil soup together with home-made cheese scones accompanied by butter. However, the key reason for includingContinue reading “Embroidered Vintage Tablecloths”

Fabric auction and a fig-tree

So there was my friend,  seated in a departure lounge of London Heathrow airport, waiting to board her international flight and reading a copy of that renowned north-eastern publication ‘The Journal’, when she saw ‘Fabric Auction’ on one of the pages and thought of me. One text later and I was on the internet, lookingContinue reading “Fabric auction and a fig-tree”

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