Joe the Quilter and a fabric design

Joseph Hedley, known as Joe the Quilter, was an 18th-century individual who made his living from quilting. Joe had worked first as a tailor and later as a quilter. Very sadly, he met a violent end – he was murdered in his small cottage in Northumberland.  The murder case remains unsolved to this day. HeContinue reading “Joe the Quilter and a fabric design”

Clothes and dancing from the fifties

Textiles of all kinds appear in these posts and this week it’s all about the 1950s. Each year, Beamish Open Air Museum (which is just a few miles down the road from my house) hosts a 1950s weekend. On Saturday, it was sunny and we had visitors staying, so bought our entrance tickets and tookContinue reading “Clothes and dancing from the fifties”

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