Meeting Captain Pugwash again!

When I was young, there was an enchanting children’s programme on the television called ‘Captain Pugwash’. This swash-buckling pirate’s adventures first appeared as a black-and-white cartoon in Eagle magazine in 1950.  I came across Pugwash much later as a black-and-white programme (colour television came later still, in 1970). Together with the inventive and clever cabin-boyContinue reading “Meeting Captain Pugwash again!”

‘Uppercase’ magazine

I am delighted to say that I have a piece in the current edition of Uppercase magazine. The theme is ‘Travel’ and there is a feast within these covers: travellers’ tales, book reviews, illustrations, stories, international shopping, and more. This is an intensely visual magazine; it is richly colourful. As it is an independent magazineContinue reading “‘Uppercase’ magazine”

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