How we made a ‘two-person’ quilt

For the Festival of Quilts 2018, I entered two and a half quilts. The first two I wrote about last week, today I’m going to tell you about entering a quilt in the ‘Two-person quilts’ category. First I need to introduce my friend and quilting partner, Alison Moore. Alison lives in the next village toContinue reading “How we made a ‘two-person’ quilt”

The 70273 quilt

This week includes the 27th January, which is designated Holocaust Memorial Day.    The Holocaust included a Nazi programme (called Aktion T4) to eliminate all individuals with a disability who were considered ‘unworthy of life’.  Until three and a half years ago, I was a teacher in a Special School for six years.  The schoolContinue reading “The 70273 quilt”

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