Bear Paw Quilt Block

I have been making Bear Paw patchwork blocks, four of them in all. These are my October contribution to my Refuge Circle quilt group (I first wrote about this group here). This month’s project leader asked for Bear Paw blocks which have lighter-toned ‘claws’ with a darker-toned ‘paw’ of the same colour. The idea isContinue reading “Bear Paw Quilt Block”

Making a video

In the last couple of weeks, I was fortunate enough to take a two-day masterclass from NBSL (based in the North-East of England) in ‘Developing A Video for Digital Marketing’ Masterclass in taught by Pascal Fintoni. The two classes took place a week apart with a LOT of homework to do in between. I wasContinue reading “Making a video”

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