Handmade historical costumes

When I write these blog posts, I try to consider what you, dear reader, will find interesting. I enjoy just about everything to do with textiles and hope that you will like the things I share with you too. You will find posts on this site about dressmaking, vintage and historical fabrics, costume, knitting, crochet,Continue reading “Handmade historical costumes”

Quilting and Bannermaking

Last Saturday was the Quilters’ Guild Regional Day for my region (15E, the North-East of England). Ours is a particularly active region and the twice-a-year Regional Days are excellent. Region 15 includes Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham, an area which has a long tradition of quilting. ‘Durham’ quilting or more correctly ‘North-country quilting’Continue reading “Quilting and Bannermaking”

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