A moving story

I have just moved house. More than that, I have relocated from a village just outside Durham City in the North-East of England to a town in the South-East of England. Everything has changed. This was my house for twelve years and now it belongs to someone else. When we first lived there, I workedContinue reading “A moving story”

‘Summer Bouquets’ – making the columns

This is the fifth stage in the ‘Summer Bouquets’ Quiltalong. You can find information about the Quiltalong here. The quilt uses fabrics from my ‘Summer Bouquets’ collection on Spoonflower. This month, for the ‘Summer Bouquets’ Quiltalong, we will be making the columns. 1 First make column One. Take one ‘first block’. (Instructions for making thisContinue reading “‘Summer Bouquets’ – making the columns”

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