‘Summer Bouquets’ – how to finish and bind the quilt

The 2021 Quiltalong This post is part of the 2021 Quiltalong and is all about how to finish your quilt by trimming it to size and how to bind it successfully.  The plan is to complete a double-bed quilt by the end of the year. The fabrics used here are from ‘Summer Bouquets’ collection, availableContinue reading “‘Summer Bouquets’ – how to finish and bind the quilt”

The ‘Starstruck’ quilt pattern

A new quilt pattern ‘Starstruck’ is the latest quilt pattern from Amanda Jane Textiles. Here’s the quilt: The inspiration for the quilt started with the printed fabric that you can see in the ‘arrows’ pointing inwards towards each star centre. The fabric is ‘Micro-organisms’ and you can find it on the Spoonflower website here. HowContinue reading “The ‘Starstruck’ quilt pattern”

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