Quilting Talks at the QGBI conference

Earlier this month, I was in Ipswich for The Quilters’ Guild Conference and AGM, where I had the chance to hear excellent talks by quilters, illustrated by their beautiful quilts. What a range of skills were on display! I will briefly mention some of the speakers I heard and enjoyed. At the end of theContinue reading “Quilting Talks at the QGBI conference”

Meeting Michael Brennand-Wood

On Saturday morning, over a cup of tea, I was perusing a copy of ‘Embroidery’ magazine, dated September/October 2012. (I wasn’t in a time-warp – just that I had picked the periodical out a week previously, on the sales table at the Quilters’ Guild Regional Day.) ‘Embroidery’ is published by The Embroiderers’ Guild (www.embroiderersguild.com). OnContinue reading “Meeting Michael Brennand-Wood”

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