More Embroidery in 2015

The recent ‘Craft Saturdays’ session at The Sanctuary in Darlington was all about ‘Hand Embroidery’. A creative group of people came together to find out about tools, threads and fabric for embroidery and to have a go at producing their own work (as well as enjoying lunch together!)  There is so much enjoyment to be hadContinue reading “More Embroidery in 2015”

How to make a Harris Tweed brooch

My friend Maggie went on holiday to the Hebrides and had a wonderful time. She is a lover of fabrics, like me, and so made several visits to the Harris Tweed shop on the Isle of Harris. She purchased lengths of the most beautiful Harris Tweed in glorious glowing colours, and showed us the specialContinue reading “How to make a Harris Tweed brooch”

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