Slow stitching – Needlepoint

Some parts of quilt-making are focused on speed: quick methods of cutting or piecing or quilting, but how about doing some deliberately SLOW stitching? I’ve been enjoying working on the needlepoint piece pictured below. This came to me as a gift. It was brought, along with a number of other unfinished projects, to a groupContinue reading “Slow stitching – Needlepoint”

PRISM Textiles Exhibition: ‘Warped’

On Thursday this week, I was in London and was able to attend the first day of the PRISM Textiles group exhibition, entitled ‘Warped’. This intriguing show of work by 47 of the 70 PRISM group members takes place in a wonderful setting, namely The Art Pavilion in Mile End Park, London. The building isContinue reading “PRISM Textiles Exhibition: ‘Warped’”

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