‘A Baby Quilt block’ and ‘A Quilt Bursting with Color’

In case you think I have forgotten how to spell using British English, I will hasten to point out that these are the descriptions of two projects designed by me, appearing in the American online magazine We Like Sewing published this month. The first is a set of instructions to make a circular block, idealContinue reading “‘A Baby Quilt block’ and ‘A Quilt Bursting with Color’”

Oven Gloves in Hot Colours!

Here’s a bit of colour for (in the UK) a rather grey and rainy February: a new pattern for oven gloves in hot pink, red, yellow and orange! There are two versions to choose from in the pattern. There is a long single glove with hand-holds at each end and there is a pair ofContinue reading “Oven Gloves in Hot Colours!”

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