A small textiles business start-up

“My way is to begin at the beginning” (Lord Byron in ‘Don Juan’)

It was all very well for Lord Byron (1788-1824), equipped with a useful writing implement and a stack of paper, but things seem to go rather differently in this electronic age. I have had to work on all kinds of things that I have produced in the past to create this website, but really this is the beginning starting here – right on this page.

I feel a bit like this:

flamingoland egg picture

Photo by Jen Addison (www.jenaddison.blogspot.co.uk)

Today is the first September in fourteen years that I have not had to prepare to go into school:


This is my first day as a self-employed artist/designer-maker and purveyor of textile items.

My Etsy shop is now open at: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AmandaJaneTextiles


My business cards are printed (www.vistaprint.co.uk):


The car is adorned, front, back and sides:





(I do realize that there are owls everywhere you look at the moment, but I liked them before they were trendy and in any case they go with the front door knocker!)


So here I go…


Thank you for reading my blog!

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